Best E-Commerce Websites Under 2020

You should focus on certain aspects of how you can deliver a rich user experience through additional functionality and good themes. Under each website, we have listed a unique delivery of each website that you can implement in your store today. Best E-Commerce Websites Under 2020: Inspiration 1. The threshold : the threshold With attractive colors, this site gives a very clean, simple and joyful feeling. The threshold believes that plants make people happy, just like their online store. The whole site is clear and refreshing and has a beautiful natural ambiance. The header menu is very smart and it’s one of my favorite features on this list. The gap between “The” and “Sill” is made to reflect the name of the company. When you scroll down to see the products, the words come together and the other options move to the right. Take-out: interactive mega menu E-commerce site built using: Shopify 2. PowerOnPowerOff :

The interesting thing about the PowerOnPowerOff website is that they use a long scroll. This technique is used not to tire the user when scrolling through his home page. The new information is populated and looks interactive when the user moves to the bottom of the page, which gives a great picture. ecommerce site design. Keep in mind: long scrolling can reduce user fatigue E-commerce site built using: Shopify 3. Rebecca Atwood : ecommerce website design – rebecca atwood Rebecca Atwood is a Brooklyn-based textile designer with a brilliant e-commerce experience. The end product is a bespoke online store that looks just as good on mobile as it does on the desktop. The design highlights the products in use, which creates an ambitious image in the minds of users, as they can see the product in action. What the website does well is that it offers a click-to-click option, similar to what you see on Instagram where you can be instantly transported to the product page. Take away key: Click to buy E-commerce site built using: Shopify 4. Blackberry : e-commerce site – mulberry Mulberry is a bold venture with a striking e-commerce design site.

The different product options are presented in a separate grid to facilitate navigation and purchases. What they also do well is that they bold the typography corresponding to their Best Sellers and Sale items in the header, which is subtle, but automatically draws the eye to the products. Take-out meals: an easily identifiable typography E-commerce site built using: Shopify 6. The owl : e-commerce site – the owl The reason that Owl is on the list is their strange take on ecommerce design site. The home page does not look like most online stores. This is not a bad thing as it makes their website design creative. Creativity helps stores stand out. Doing something a little different can greatly improve your results. Their home page is very minimalist and they have a video that plays automatically to showcase their products. Again, it’s very pissed off and almost enchanting. Due to their minimalist design, the video will not affect the loading speeds of website users. Remember: automatic video playback on your home page 7. Baron Fig : baron fig The Elegant set composed of e-commerce website design is full of superb design elements. The first is minimalist and crisp photography. The second is the fun graphics and catchy phrases. The color palette correlates and completes the product. If you’re looking for a site that uses a variety of elements to create a sense of cohesion, Baron Fig is perfect for you. A little below the fold of the home page, Baron Fig displays a scrolling display of extracts from press articles from companies such as GQ, Buzzfeed and New York, which immediately catch your attention. Remember: a carousel of press comments E-commerce site built using: Shopify