Black friday online

I use multiple sales channels at the same time : I can not only limit myself to my site, but I can also use other marketplaces, in different foreign countries, with obvious advantages.

In detail: the “Black Friday” phenomenon

black friday online

Many will have noticed, especially during the Christmas period just ended, of the particular formula used by e-commerce websites for discounts . The so-called “Black Friday”, of American nationality (needless to say), is the Friday that follows Thanksgiving and, from a commercial point of view, it is the one that starts Christmas shopping. On this occasion, the big brands offer significant promotions and discounts with the aim of increasing sales.

Especially during Friday and until the Christmas holidays there was, in fact, a spike in online shopping . In a period, such as Christmas, when you do not have the material time to go to the physical store and you far prefer to avoid the stress of long lines at the checkout, online shopping seems to be the best option to buy .

Given the success of this initiative in Italy (OVS, Benetton, Rinascente and many others), several companies are certainly understanding the importance of the ecommerce channel but should invest more resources to make the most of this trend also on mobile devices and to guarantee the consumer real added value, persuading him to download and use a dedicated application.

Relationship between user and mobile e-commerce

Assuming that the increase in smartphone access to e-commerce sites is a clear sign of how much people want to buy online quickly and easily , we understand that the demand is there, and this is a rather starting point important for all companies that want to evaluate the inclusion of a new sales channel such as e-commerce.

Users who surf via smartphone use it in at least one of the following moments: pre-sale (information, price comparison), sale (purchase), post-sale (assistance, reviews). You can use your smartphone outside the store, directly in the store or to track the shipment of the product you just purchased.

If we take for example the generalist marketplace par excellence, Amazon , we see a perfect example of “personalization” of the user experience, that is, contextualized shopping .

I activated my e-commerce: now what?

ecommerce doubts

It is not enough to have the e-commerce option on our site if left to itself and not treated in detail. Not only as regards the updating of content, but also and above all for all those activities related to it that contribute to making the user experience that is buying on our portal unique. Two of the main core activities concern the User Experience, therefore the usability, and the Digital Marketing activities to make known and bring traffic to the e-commerce site: being complex topics deserve some articles dedicated to it, which we will certainly do in the coming weeks .

In the meantime, it is important to keep in mind some points to get an idea of ​​what the management of an online sales channel implies: