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How to Wear a Poncho ~ A Fall Trend Must Have

A poncho is such a fun addition to your fall wardrobe. This is going to be your new favorite thing about fall and winter — it’s poncho season! When it is perfectly acceptable to wear something as cozy as blanket and look completely adorable! The best fall outfits are the ones that make you feel like you’re cozying up in the coziest blanket!
Skip the jacket and make a poncho your go-to layering piece for beating the seasonal chill. With jeans and a tee or turtleneck, it’s cozy but is a totally different look than a sweater for weekend fun; coffee dates, festivals brunching, football games, bonfires, fall cook-outs and erranding.
The best part is, unlike a jacket that can feel confining with too many layers,
when I am on the go or doing something fun, a jacket can feel so confining

khaadi lawn collection 2020 sometimes, and the hair, can we talk about how a bulky jacket messes up our hair! The poncho gives room leaving you completely free from feeling stuffed
into a jacket and yet it’s genius at disguising whatever’s underneath — an old tee, mismatched whatever you may throw on that morning, no bra – no problem!!
Ponchos are one of the easiest fall “outfit makers” – you can throw them on over pretty much any outfit!
The poncho has so many style possibilities and you can take a simple outfit and completely transform into a whole new look with the poncho!

There are so many ways to style them!

ideal to layer over your long sleeve t-shirt and jeans on brisk days to stay warm and look cute to boot!
On warmer days when your wearing a cami or tee but then you catch a breeze you can just throw the poncho on!
it would be super cute with leggings and over-the-knee boots as well.
Wear over your maxi dresses to transition the dresses into Fall
Dress up a less than dressy undershirt with a poncho
Wear over a sweater for an extra layer in finicky weather
Instantly give yourself a Fall trendy look with any poncho
Wear over a collared shirt; your fav denim chambray button

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Give a poncho outfit different looks by paring them with different bottoms: them with destroyed denim jeans & little loafers, distressed skinny jeans and booties, skinny jeans and high boots, leggings & boots, or a corduroy midi skirt.

A Poncho is fun way to add some fall style into your wardrobe

If you’re looking for just the right poncho outfit, keep browsing below because I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration and you will fall in love with the poncho!
And then after you are totally inspired and need to have yourself a

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Here are some Poncho Fashion Ideas from some stylish fashion bloggers:
Plaid Poncho From SouthernPearlsandCurls
She paired it with some skinny jeans and booties. Of course don’t forget to finish the outfit with a purse and some jewelry. It would be darling with leggings and over-the-knee boots as well.
Another Plaid Poncho From SouthernPearlsandCurls

More looks to inspire you:

Plaid is clearly a staple fall print, and especially buffalo plaid print as pictured here from A Southern Drawl
Okay now that you are completely Fall inspired to wear some ponchos, check out the Pash Shop Ponchos and Outfit Inspirations
The Pash Poncho’s
Click on each image to shop the look
Red Plaid Open Sleeve Classic Ruana Poncho
Burgundy Plaid Poncho Fall Look destroyed black jeans booties
Dark Warm Colors for Fall in Burgundy Plaid Poncho
Plaid in Deep Red Burgundy with mustard, beige, dark brown pattern.
Looks great paired with black denim, black cami or any undershirt, and booties.
Get the complete look: black denim
Classic Flannel Blanket Scarf Poncho with Toggle Closure
Plaid Poncho Fall Look destroyed jeans booties
Classic Flannel Poncho with Toggle Closure
Plaid in beige, mustard, dark brown, green, burnt orange colors.
A nice alternative to a jacket. This is pretty much a light throw blanket with hooks so that it looks like blanket scarf nicely draped over your shoulders and stays in place with the toggle hook.
Wear over long sleeves & sweaters in mild weather for looks and an added layer. Instantly give any outfit a Fall look with this Poncho!
Get the Complete Look Butter Cup Breezy Sweater –
KanCan Chelsea-Lala Distressed Jeans

Flannel Plaid Blanket Scarf Poncho as a lap blanket
* The Same Poncho pictured here. Toggle was unhooked. Poncho was unfolded into a full square shape to be used as a blanket to draped over your lap!
Perfect for Fall picnics!
Blanket Plaid Poncho Fall Look destroyed booties mustard sweater lace cami
Get the Complete Look Butter Cup Breezy Sweater – Ivory Silk Lace Trim Cami
Everyday Classic Buffalo Plaid Poncho
Black White Buffalo Plaid Poncho Fall Look destroyed black jeans booties basic tee
Buffalo Plaid just screams Fall! Seal your style and feel perfectly cozy when you layer with this Black & White Everyday Classic Buffalo Check Poncho.

Worn here with The Perfect Everyday Tee & Black Destroyed Skinny Jeans & booties.

Complete the Look:

KAN CAN Black Women’s Mid Rise Destroyed Skinny Jeans – V-Neck Pocket Boyfriend Tee -New Black

Ivory Knit Fringe Poncho
Knit Sweater Poncho Fall Look skinny jeans booties
This sweet knit sweater cardigan is the best of both worlds, wearing your favorite knit sweater but as a poncho, perfect for changing weather & layered looks!
This cozy, oversized knit poncho is perfect pick for game

khaadi lawn collection 2020  days, cozy days at home, chilling with friends fireside, your next outdoor gathering, or going out for the day to the local Fall Festival.
Complete the Look: V-Neck Pocket Boyfriend Tee Navy – KanCan Holly-Abby Women’s Super Skinny Dark Wash Jeans – Mustard Daisy Flower Bandana Scarf – Black Campfire Mug – Coffee is a Hug in a Mug

Did we inspire you to wear a poncho this season? Honestly I think we need a
few in our closets because they are the easiest outfit to put together and still look trendy, cute & stylin’ for Fall!
Which is your favorite look?