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Dark blue and guest that is black: how to combine these nuances with style?

Perfect for night receptions, midnight blue is by far probably the most elegant of colors which, coupled with black, offers a formal but mood that is absolutely glamorous. If you think this is the perfect solution for you, don’t miss our tips!
For evening ceremonies the dress code for the

khaadi lawn collection 2020 guests is often quite implicit: long formal dresses , preferably in dark and elegant colors. Luck is on your side! There are many fashion houses that this 2020 have proposed ceremonial clothes and add-ons in tones of midnight blue and black.

But how will you enhance a look in dark tones without looking too austere? In this specific article we are going to reveal some secrets to possess a sophisticated look .. and not be away from place!

That touch of glam
The fateful moment of choosing the dress starts now after receiving a new wedding invitation and having marked the date on the calendar. Where to start from? The important thing is that they do not leave

khaadi pret  the ankles uncovered if the reception will be held in the evening, do not have doubts about the length: slipped

or fluffy skirts! Among the seasonal trends, the Delsa line presents clothes that embrace all shades of blue, with a particular focus on the deep night blue.

Choose a long dress that allows you to feel comfortable: an easy line, with a decent round-neck bodice, can also be well suited for marriages which will take place in cold weather.
If, having said that, you wish to play your look down, already formal in itself with the choice of blue, Nicole Moments proposes in its 2020 collection some gritty jumpsuits with removable tulle skirt, enriched with super sparkling ton sur ton bodices . This will be the perfect solution if you attend a formal reception at sunset: the valuable applications for the corsé will emphasize your silhouette.


Sparkling clutch
Little, graceful and refined, the bags for evening receptions are a real must to give personality to your style. But which one to choose to stay in line with the outfit? If you want an accessory that is in line with the trends of the moment, here is Oscar de La Renta to help you: a sophisticated clutch in an intense black, to be worn by hand or with a silver chain and enriched with bright rhinestone applications .

Oscar de la RentaOSCAR DE LA RENTA
Ideal for both evening receptions and for winter ceremonies, the contrast

khaadi summer sale that is bright by the silver finishes goes well with those women’s formal dresses in dark shades of blue.
And look closely at the materials! The skilful utilization of velvet or lurex create a harmonious balance with the ensemble selected for the elegant occasion.

Play because of the color for the footwear: black vs blue
Did you see an amazing elegant formal gown and, looking you realize that something is missing to complete the look at yourself in front of the mirror, did? Of course, the shoes! Before you panic and browse all the elegant women ‘s shoe stores , take a few minutes to analyze the proposals that best suit your requirements.

If for the wedding ceremony you plan to put on an extended and slipped clothe themselves in an intense blue, we suggest you choose a pair of black patent leather, leather or velvet formal footwear well suited for protecting from the cool and slimming the figure during the time that is same. Whether it’s an elegant evening reception or a

eid dresses ceremony into the colder months, black shoes are often an ideal choice even though combined with a midnight blue. It might appear risky, however, if made out of the right precautions, the outcome can just only be extremely glamorous.
The en pendant alternative? Clearly a pair of midnight blue shoes ! Make sure, however, that they’re for the same color gradation as the dress. The 2020 collections offer them in huge quantities: from the simplest pumps with plateau to the velvet ankle boot with stylish applications on the heel, the Pantone color of the year will be

khaddi sale the real protagonist of this new wedding season.

This 2020, start reviewing all the new trends for 2020 if you received a wedding attendance! In our bridal catalog you will find all the proposals of the moment in terms of clothes, shoes and fashion that is invited.