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Look by will not offer through just about any internet site or other online stores, we collaborate although you can find our pieces in some physical stores with which. Remember that they are unique pieces, numbered, handmade, one by one, with love. Our designer makes a limited edition collection every year. They’re really pieces that are unique.
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We love finishing touches! They’ve been the ones that comprise and personalize the design of the garments we wear. In cold weather, we specially require them to bundle up more; so the extreme cold allows us showing them down.
This time around we have ready winter that is special. We hope to surprise you with three proposals that, as always, have one of our pieces in common, this beautiful reversible scarf with a floral print.


The one seems within the header of the post.
It is the most daring and original. A look inspired by the 30s in which three colors predominate: gray, dark green and a tile shade.
The prosperity of this set is within the details: proportions of this lapel, multi-tone patchwork in the gloves and heel that is metallic. Our reversible scarf joins that two-tone set of the coat and gives you that style that is feminine we love so much.
Do you want more suggestions to complete it? It is made by us easy for you. Use the most neutral of the three colors, gray. Imagine it with basic garments under the coat: slim pants or flared skirt with a shirt

knitted fingerless gloves that is knit.
Ensemble consisting of Chloe coat, Look by rang rasiya lawn scarf, Angele gloves, Ellery boots, PotenzaSchuler case, Manikin limit.
A mode for your daily activity with a certain masculine air. It is no coincidence; the maxi coat evokes the 80’s style for those broad shoulders and waist that is high.
We’ve appeared for a slight eclecticism: the glamor for the shiny textures and mink hair, the romanticism of the scarf printing, the sober lines regarding the coat plus the robust and army air regarding the shoes.
All the finishing touches perfectly combined in this outfit, which, due to its

lego ice cube tray colors, is suitable for warm and skin that is clear.
Wear it with denim and a sweater that is white shirt, you do not need more! You shall be comfortable, normal, but fashionable.
Ensemble composed of Jill Sander coating, Look by al zohaib scarf, C by Bloomingdale’s gloves, Alexander Wang shoes, Estella

M.C.Carney bag, Barneys nyc cap, Anna age Alex earrings.

Classy and look that is youthful wool garments that will keep you warm from head to toe. Our scarf gives you comfort and softness on the neck, due to its soft and fine viscose fabric.
We have balanced the layer color with dark green accessories that also have orange and copper elements. An attractive two-tone effect as a result. These dark colors will prefer you if you’re of medium or dark value warm skin.
Combine these pieces with a complete look that is black the coat. If you

rang rasiya lawn have an event you can complete the ensemble with a flared line dress. If you want an informal outfit, with fundamental jeans and jersey.
Ensemble comprising Rocha’s coat, Look by Sobia nazir scarf, Burberry gloves, Todd’s boots, Dolce &Cabana bag, N. Peal limit.